Artist Statement
I am fascinated by the role of small parts in complex systems, such as an individual in relation to society or a muscle to the body. Making art helps me make sense of what it means to live under capitalism, to be a player in a world which is inherently inequitable. I use materials that invite repetitive manipulation. As I tug, warp, weave, sew, bend, and balance to manipulate forms, I am forced to slow down. This warp of time is a small act of rebellion, a way of connecting my work to my body, to free myself from a connection to time. I use clay, fibers, and recycled artifacts to create collages, sculptures and installations. These mediums allow me to piece materials together to create objects and experiences greater than the sum of their parts. My studio practice is fueled by ongoing exportation of materials, experimentation, and learning. 

Madeleine Cutrona studied Anthropology and Studio Art at the University of Rochester and graduated with honors in 2008. She earned her MFA at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in 2012 and her Advanced Certificate in Art Education at CUNY Brooklyn College in 2021. She currently works at the New York Foundation for the Arts as the Director of Fiscal Sponsorship. In this role she consults with artists about fundraising, grant proposals and project management. Her practice includes making art, teaching art, and connecting others to the means to create and share their own art. She makes art about the world around her and the world she wants to exist.