Patterns, 2015 – 2017

I was obsessed with the idea of making something digital that did not need a physical form to exist as an art object. I created these digital prints from a mix of scanned drawings, paintings, cyanotypes, and digital renderings. I wanted the image narratives to take over and tell the story, and perhaps through their lack of form escape the limits of an object. I was obsessed with transforming the digital media that is all around me to explore the work around me. 

These narratives explore money, “getting ahead”, and prosperity in the post Great Recession landscape. The patterns collectively explore an uneasiness with the traditional economic benchmarks of adulthood and uncertainty about how to move forward in a world that refuses to play by once expected rules. They are visual manifestations of systemic problems and weave environments of desperation, visual nonsense striving for order.

I exhibited installations made with these patterns at School 33 Art Center and Wassaic Project, using digital prints. These experiences swayed me again back to a fascination with objects and suddenly I couldn’t bear not to touch texture and experience color with my hand.